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Top Tips for Anal Sex

Boy are you in for some of the hottest tips out there for anal sex! Whether it is your first time doing anal or if you’re a bit more experienced and watch Milky Peru anal regularly, we are sure you will take with you something new from this article. Let’s get right to it and check out the tips.

Hottest Anal Sex Tips

If you are into anal sex, and you have been watching some anal porn in sections like Milky Peru anal categories, or anything from behind, then you want to be checking out these tips we put together for you:

  • It is important to maintain a healthy diet to ensure good gut health while pursuing anal sex. A high fiber diet is great for gut health, you don’t want to end up with complications due to constipation.
  • Get clean. There is no way to completely guarantee that anal sex will be mess free, but douching is one way to make sure you empty your bowel. If you are not comfortable with douching, simply going to the toilet prior, and washing with soap and water will help a great deal.
  • With any sexual activity lube is always advised, especially with anal sex. Lube will provide enough moisture and help to prevent injury. The vagina is designed to produce its own fluid for lubrication, however, the anus may need some lubricant assistance.
  • Don’t forget about the foreplay with anal sex, it is just as important as vaginal penetration. Preparing your body will help you relax and get you aroused.
  • With anything new you try it is important to do your research. You can watch some anal porn on popular tube sites such as Milky Peru anal, and do some research.
  • Use Toys. Toys can help to prepare and stretch your anal muscles. A butt plug or expandable butt plug can help you prepare.
  • Take it slow. Don’t rush during anal sex, you can easily strike an injury that you will regret. Take things slow and easy, communicate with your partner, and keep yourself relaxed while enjoying the experience.

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