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Effective Tips to Prepare for The Upcoming UPSC Exam

Every year, a lot of aspirants appear for the UPSC exam. When the dates of the exam are around the corner, the efforts of the candidates take the next gear so that they can clear the exam with excellent marks. No candidate wants their attempt for this exam to lead to failure.

If you are preparing for the UPSC prelims 2023 exam, you must be very clear about the syllabus and exam pattern. This information will be the main criteria through which other efforts regarding exams can be estimated.

In this blog, the aspirants will know about effective tips to prepare for the UPSC exam that is approaching soon. Let’s have a look at them.

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Introduction to UPSC Prelims

Dos and Don’ts for UPSC Prelims


Frequently asked questions


Introduction to UPSC Prelims

All the UPSC aspirants might be aware of the fact that the UPSC exam is divided into three parts. Out of which UPSC Preliminary is the first step followed by the Main and finally Interview. All these three stages have a lot of difficult parts that every aspirant has to overcome to fulfil their dream to enter civil services.

If the UPSC prelim 2023 exam is around the corner, the candidate needs to accelerate the rate of their efforts for this exam. The candidate needs to fully go through the entire syllabus along with multiple mock test series. Only if the candidate clears the UPSC prelims exam, then only they will be promoted to the UPSC mains exam which is the second step.

Dos and Don’ts for UPSC Prelims

Before appearing for the final exam of UPSC prelims, the candidate needs to be well prepared for multiple things. This includes dos and don’ts while preparing for exams.

Here is the list of dos for the preparation of the UPSC exam. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Revise all the important topics and notes: The UPSC exam is having extensive syllabus to cover. While you are preparing for the exam, better to make proper notes and mark the important topics. This will help the candidate in doing the final revision. This practice will not let the candidate waste any time as they can read all the important topics which have a high probability to come in the exam.
  • Learn to manage time well: In the entire process of preparing for the UPSC exam, one thing that every aspirant needs to consider is to manage their time well. Never keep topics to cover in the last few days. Make your study plan way in advance, so that you can properly follow it and go through the entire syllabus on time. Even the management of time in the final exam is very important. For this, the aspirant can go through different mock test series to build up strategies for managing time in the final exam.
  • Practice previous year’s question papers: It is a must-do thing to practice the previous year’s exam papers. This will help the candidate to understand the level of questions asked in the exam. Even this practice of doing the previous year’s exam will enhance the speed of solving questions in the final exam. Even strengths and weaknesses can be identified on time.
  • Check your health and essentials: Few days before the UPSC prelim exam, can be very hectic days. So, there are chances that the stress might come over the aspirant’s health. Just keep a proper check on the health and essentials required for the exam. Eat healthily, meditate, and have enough sleep so that the aspirant is not restless on the day of the final exam.

Here is the list of don’ts while preparing for the UPSC prelim exam. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Never over attempt the exam: some aspirants might have the perception that the over attempt of the UPSC exam can yield great results. But it is completely a myth as every wrong answer in the UPSC exam will lead to a negative marking. Better to attempt all those questions about which you are completely sure. Read all the instructions regarding the exam and its pattern in advance so that there is no scope for confusion.
  • Not relaxing your brain: Doing all the preparation a day before the exam can cause a lot of chaos in the mind of the candidate. Rather keep your day before the exam a chill day. This way your brain can relax completely before the final exam.

The preparation for the UPSC exam might come with a lot of confusion. If you are a UPSC aspirant, you need to be very clear about all information regarding UPSC Civil service exam 2023. Every aspirant needs to have proper guidance so that they have a consistent motivation to keep working for their ultimate goal.


All the aspirants who want to give UPSC prelims need to be very much clear about the UPSC prelim exam syllabus and pattern. Through this information only, the candidates can further evaluate things that they need to do. Some of the candidates like to get extra coaching classes. Classes from Physics Wallah are very popular among UPSC aspirants.

This platform has the best guidance in the form of experts and study material to give to candidates who enrol with them. You can get enough information about their classes from their online platform. Physics Waallah offers both online and offline coaching services. You can get a lot of information about the UPSC Civil service exam 2023 from the Physics Wallah website.

Frequently asked questions

Is it allowed to carry a water bottle during the UPSC Prelims exam?

Answer. Yes, it is allowed for all the candidates to bring up their water bottles during the exam. It is suggested to bring transparent bottles to avoid any chances of discrepancy.

Is there any chance of UPSC prelim questions to repeat?

Answer. Yes, it is seen that in the UPSC Prelims exam, a lot of questions repeat from the previous question papers. If the candidate has gone through the previous year’s question paper practice, they will have instant correct answers for them.

Can I prepare for the UPSC prelim exam at home?

Answer. A candidate who I willing to put a lot of sincere effort into the UPSC exam can clear it. Even if they didn’t take any coaching, still they can clear the UPSC prelim exam with their hard work in the right direction.

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