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Trouble-Shooting Approaches for Computer Freezes After Startup

There’s anything frustrating rather of have your pc freeze up after startup however, if it’ll you can correct it. There are many primary explanations why this may happen that may include getting defective hardware for example acquiring a loose connection between notebook motherboard and hardware, with an infected driver, getting faulty software that may include being happen to be have contracted the herpes virus, or acquiring a bugged operating-system so your operation system might be corrupted.

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In situation your computer freezes right after startup listed here are things you could test to get your computer to retort. Make certain that you simply function these measures in order.

  1. Set the body in clean boot then reboot the body
  1. Click start plus searching box type misconfig striking enter. When the system prompts you for almost any confirmation like a password, just types in after which click continue.
  1. Across the General tab click selective startup.
  1. Underneath the selective startup apparent the checkbox that states apparent the duty startup products.
  1. Select the Services tab
  1. Across the prompt Hide all Microsoft Services click this check box after which click disable all.

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  1. Click okay when the unit prompts you to accomplish this chick restart
  2. In situation your body begins and you’re running the os’s Home home home windows XP or Home home home windows Vista you will have to utilize the formula divide and conquer to be able to understand the Microsoft service that’s causing your pc to freeze on startup.

After you have the startup freeze problem solved you will need to think about the registry by these things.

  1. Click start and type REGEDIT within the internet internet search engine striking enter.
  1. The registry key you need to be looking for is HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlFiles System
  1. To be able to delete any short or duplicate versions for DOS names you have to set the NtfsDisabled8dot3NameCreation to the key.

In situation your computer freezes at startup or simply after startup don’t instantly believe that it ought to be reformatted. If you’re not computer savvy and shouldn’t try and correct it yourself you are able to call a professional laptop repair specialist arrive in your home . to fix it or visit some laptop repair specialist. Either is extremely pricey. Sometimes just turning rid of it and allowing it to take about 30 minutes likely to issue solved when turning on my pc again.

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