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Family Law In Houston: All About Child Support

The family law Houston covers child support and child custody. Any parent who has undergone a divorce case can’t escape their responsibilities and obligations to their children. A successful divorce case is not a ticket to set free yourself from your obligations to your child, especially if they are underage. Parents will always stand as parents, no matter what the result is.

Child support in Houston

Child support is a monthly payment paid by the non-custodial spouse to the custodial spouse. The monthly payment covers the regular expenses of the children from a marriage. It will allow the non-custodial spouse to fulfill the parental duties, even if they are no longer under one roof. In short, they are separated or divorced parents of the children.

Physical custody

Physical custody in Texas always determines who pays child support. The parent with physical custody is always the recipient parent and the non-custodial parent or non-physical custody of the children pays the child support if ordered by the TX court.

Child support calculation

In Texas, there is this child support calculation made to determine how much the child can get financial support from the non-custodial parent. There will be a minimum amount the child can get under the child support law in Texas. The court calculates child support payments according to the percentage of the non-custodial parent’s income. Houston child support lawyer estimates how much the state expects you to pay, as a minimum child support through a simple calculation.

Contest a child support order

Parents are allowed to pay more in child support if they wish. The percentages listed above signify the minimum amount they can pay. The spouses are free to challenge the amount in court. To effectively argue this point, a family lawyer in Houston can help as it focuses on child support and advocates for the child’s best interest.

Ignoring child support obligation

A spouse who is entitled to provide child support fails to do it or ignores the obligation – does it have a case? Legally speaking about child support, the legal obligations and consequences can’t just be ignored. As a parent, you are responsible for supporting your child’s needs. It doesn’t mean you are legally divorced, then you are also legally free from your obligations as a parent.

There is no case like child separation, this sounds very funny. It only happens that you are free from your obligations to provide financial expenses to your children if they are always at the right age and are already working on their own to earn a living. While your children are still under the age where they are still covered by the family law – you can’t escape your obligations!