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How to Do FREE Reverse Phone Number Lookup: 6 Methods

When you get a call from an unknown cell phone number, you need to do a phone number lookup to find out who is calling.  You have two options to do this. They may either dial the telephone number or use a reverse phone number lookup

Method 1: Where to Search When you need to find out the unknown number you can search with Reverse Phone Number Sites where you will get Information about a phone number on an unknown Reverse phone checking service Website obtains the user’s online records. Thus, anyone may easily learn the particular contact number by using this app. Also Check Number Carrier

1) Spokeo

It is the Best site for doing a reverse cell phone lookup. Through the provided Spokeo, you can take up the services for free search.

 2) PeopleLooker

PeopleLooker app is for a phone number lookup and then locate them online. The number is the key, and People Finders will do a reverse phone search to get you all the data.

 3) Intelius

If you need to reverse a phone number simply type in the number and check out your results opting for a detailed IP and background check report.

Method 2: Social media tools are instruments of social mobilization against our community’s hazards and threats. Social media is a good place to get info about a person, and in some cases, you can use a social media account to do a reverse phone lookup for free. Social Media consists of Facebook, Snaptach, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Method 3: Google Number Lookup is a service where you can identify unknown phone numbers by entering them on the Google search bar. ‘Google’ is a search engine that provides information on the topic concerning someone. Just type in the unknown number into the Google search bar and press enter.

Method 4: Take advantage of Web search engines. If Google does not match, just bypass it, and do a free reverse phone lookup through Yahoo, Bing, or any other search engine you like. Search engines have all the information from sources like public records.

Run through the tutorial below if you would like to do the free reverse phone lookup with the help of a search engine.

Step 1) Go to the search engine.

Step 2) Type in the number you want to search.

Step 3) Await search results.

Step 4) Read the results for more information on the number of the unknown caller.

Method 5: The Great Business Bureau, or The BBB, is known as a directory of businesses with contact information and real customer reviews. One place where you can find this information is the business account details such as their phone numbers.

Method 6: Have a look at the Phone Number through Angi. Angi is an online listing service for both highly skilled and less skilled businesses servicing home repairs, plumbing, or any other job in the service industry. Angi has a compiled review and business information to detect fraudulent business practices. In case your business is listed on Angi, the results will show which business the unknown caller is registered with.

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